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            We are committed to bring the greatest value to our customers, by producing high quality PTFE filler, as well as to provide the best customer support.

            Changing market conditions, Shen Han Ep are well-equipped, specialized company management. We can provide quality custom formulations to meet unique customer specifications.


            Of the user responsible for customer service and customer satisfaction, "the purpose for our products, I solemnly make the following commitments:

            1、In strict accordance with the requirements of the contract, provided comply with the new product standards, quality standards。

            2、Strict inspection and control of raw materials, auxiliary materials into the plant quality.

            3、Of raw materials, auxiliary materials and product quality problems, we will promptly informed the client and coordination; cause problems as a result of the user production methods used improperly, I will clearly define the responsibilities of the principles of the spirit of the first deal with the problem, so that customers getsatisfaction.


            More than 10 years, Tai'an Shenhan New Materials Co. , Ltd. is dedicated to developing and enhancing PTFE Compounding. Now we have technical know-hows, man powers and renewal equipment to meet various demands of our customers from all over the worlds :

            一、 the technical services

            1, to provide relevant technical information.

            2 production Lu knowledge, performance and use of the training staff on the user side, to provide relevant technical information.

             二、 the quality of custom formulations

            Shen Han  Ep s in the years of market services, has accumulated rich experience in industrial applications, with strong research and development, design and custom formulations quickly adjust the recipe, the quality of the whole technical services to meet customers' complex and unique needs.

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