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            The application of PTFE in the building

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              PTFE architectural membrane material, such as the TACONIC solus series products, has been widely used in large public facilities: the roof of the stadium platform system, the airport hall, exhibition center, etc. The weight of the light weight it is only a small part of the traditional building materials.

              High strength: the strength of glass fiber in textile fabric is highest, it even more strong than steel wire of the same diameter.

              Flexibility: unlike most solid materials, the soft Solus products can be stretched into various dynamic arc shape.

              Evenly on the surface of the transmission of light: the inside and outside the pervious to light, soft scattering light was created.

              Low maintenance: used in weaving within the time limit, can do very little work. Because not sticky on the surface of the fabric, and at the same time is tight, so the rain will wash the dust off the surface completely inert harsh environment, such as mold, such as acid rain will not fabric surface.

              Weldability: each weaving frame will be welded up and become one of the big roof. The strength of the weld is greater than the fabric itself.

              In the period of its use, long service life: PTFE coated glass fabric is almost no degradation. At present, Solus weaving estimation can be used at least 25 years.

              Fire retardancy: Solus weaving a-class fire protection assessment, at the same time it remains very strong pervious to light quality.

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