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            The use of ptfe on corrosion resistant equipment

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              Traditional corrosion resistant equipment, when most people think of it may be thought of metal material. Such as stainless steel, cast iron, etc. With the constant progress of science and technology. In the field of corrosion resistant equipment, new materials and new technologies are widely used, the latest and corrosion effect is the strongest material ptfe.

              In the field of corrosion resistant equipment, chemical process pump is an important species, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid pump these, so what is the teflon? Ptfe is the heaviest student of the plastic one. Using temperature range (250 ~ 250 ℃), good chemical stability, excellent dielectric properties, self-lubrication and viscosity and a series of performance, is uniquely so it's a wide range of application.

              In the chemical industry can be used for anti-corrosion materials, can produce various anti-corrosion components, such as pipes, valves, pumps and pipe joints, etc. Chemical equipment, can produce reactor, distillation column and the lining and coating anticorrosive equipment; And use of ptfe pump mainly can be divided into: fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump and fluorine plastic self-priming pump Mechanical aspects, can be used as a self lubricating bearing, piston ring, oil seal and seal rings etc. Self lubrication part can reduce wear and heat and lower power consumption.

              Electronic appliances, mainly used in the manufacture of all kinds of wire and cable, battery electrodes, battery diaphragm, printed circuit boards, etc.

              In medical materials, the use of the characteristics of its heat resistance, water resistance, non-toxic, can be used as material of various kinds of medical devices and artificial organs. The former such as sterilization filter, beaker, heart-lung device, the latter such as artificial blood vessels, heart, esophagus, etc.

              Ptfe compared with other plastic has the characteristics of resistance to chemical corrosion, it has been widely used as sealing material and filler material.

              Ptfe used as the engineering plastic, can be made into ptfe tube, rod, belt, plate, film, etc. Generally applied to the performance requirements of high resistance to corrosion of pipelines, containers, pump, valve and radar, high frequency communications equipment, radio equipment, etc. Dispersion can be used for various materials impregnated liquid and anticorrosive layer on the surface of the metal, glass, ceramics, etc. All kinds of ptfe ring, ptfe gasket, ptfe is widely used in all kinds of anticorrosion pipe flange seal packing, etc. In addition, can also be used to reel off raw silk from cocoons, ptfe fiber - fluorine nylon (foreign goods is called teflon).

              At present, all kinds of ptfe products has been in the chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical, military, aerospace, environmental protection and Bridges and other fields of national economy has played a pivotal role.

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