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            Fluorine plastic purpose is introduced in detail

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              Ptfe in fluorine plastic dosage is the largest species, accounting for about 60% of its total demand, its performance is excellent, trusted by users. Other fluorine plastic in the semiconductor, medical, electrical, covering areas such as the application is also growing. The purpose of the fluorine plastic can be summarized as:

              1. The use of the drug resistance tails plastic application in drug resistance had not confined to manufacturing sealing ring, gasket, pipe fittings, in other parts need to be resistant to corrosion, such as pipe) on the star is also increasing. Along with the progress of the raw materials and processing technology, the fluorine plastic forming method and the expanded factory choice range: such as the injection molding can greatly improve the production efficiency, small batch production can be used when machining process, ptfe adhesive and the development of welding technology to make large storage tank and equipment lining has the possibility and FEP powder coating process make processing more flexible and convenient. Semiconductor process corrosion protection and pollution prevention have been used more fluorine plastic.

              2. The friction coefficient of ptfe mechanical industry is small, the static friction coefficient is lower than the kinetic friction coefficient, can be used for low speed high load areas, such as in civil engineering, chemical, Bridges and other structures can solve the problem of thermal expansion and vibration caused by the expansion. Specific application are:

              (1) pollution prevention machinery (such as textile, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food machinery) bearing bushings;

              (2) to handle the lubrication of the liquid alkali, solvent, machinery (such as mixer, dyeing machine, pump);

              (3) in the corrosive environment, such as acid, alkali, such as electroplating bath chemical equipment work under the collar;

              (4) ban oil lubrication (such as oxygen equipment);

              (5) yuan lubrication (e.g., ultra-low temperature freezer, liquid fuel pump);

            Under adverse environment;

              (6) oil lubrication effect (plus high temperature dryer noon, furnace, furnace, conveyor belt) work of sliding parts;

              (7) the sliding parts of low speed high load condition movable bearing).

              3. The fluorine plastic electric field is flame retardant materials. High critical oxygen index and corrosion, can make the wire insulation layer. ETFElPvDF insulation resistance, dielectric strength, high mechanical strength and optimal. QT for computer cable, communication machine. Use its weather resistance, radiation resistance and other properties can be used in oil Wells and nuclear reactor small cable. USES the high frequency under the relative dielectric constant and dielectric loss are the characteristics of low can be used in communications equipment, high frequency electric instrument, PTFE and carbon black, carbon fiber mixed this conductive material can be used as antistatic materials and heating elements. PvDF piezoelectric element also can be made for radio industry and instrument and meter industry.

              4. No viscosity of fluorine plastic viscosity can be used to manufacture the kitchen equipment, such as titanium, treats mould, high building's exterior wall coating, foam plastic molding mold, copiers roller, etc. In addition in artificial blood vessels, heart valve pieces and medical TuWu engineering materials, gas separation membrane, waterproof breathable fabric application is increasingly wide.

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