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            PTFE in medical and electronic applications

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              PTFE unique performance in the chemical, petroleum, textile, food, paper making, medicine, electronics and machinery, and other areas of the industrial and Marine operations has a wide range of applications.

              In the electronic electrical applications

              PTFE material inherent low loss and small dielectric constant can be made of enameled wire, to be used for the micro motor, thermocouples, control devices, etc.; PTFE film is insulating liner manufacturing capacitors, radio, cable, the ideal of motor and transformer insulation materials, aerospace and other industrial electronic components one of the indispensable materials; Using fluorine plastic film on permeability, oxygen and water vapor permeability of small this choice through the sexual, can produce oxygen sensor; Using fluorine plastic under high temperature and high pressure happened to the charge characteristics of the deviation, can make on the microphone, speakers, robot parts, etc.; Using the characteristics of its low refractive index, can make optical fiber.

              In the medical application of medicine

              Bulk is pure inert PTFE material, have very strong adaptability, can not cause the rejection of the body, no physical side effects to human body, can use any method of disinfection, and has many microporous structure, which can be used in a variety of rehabilitation solutions, including artificial blood vessels for soft tissue regeneration and the patch and used for blood vessels, heart, general surgery and plastic surgery surgical suture.

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