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            Preparation of PTFE batch

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            PTFE masterbatch by the carrier, a colorant, a dispersing agent, and the diffusing agent. The carrier is, usually a low molecular weight with the same kind of colored resin most resin having a high fluidity. Account for 10% to 80% of the the masterbatch total quality masterbatch pigment content, the remaining 20% -90% of a dispersing agent and carrier.


            According to the different colored resin products, you can choose a variety of colorants. Before mixing with the carrier, the colorant becomes small by refinable grinding, particle size, specific surface area is increased, enhanced coloring power. Thus reduced by the amount of colorant used the coloring costs can be reduced.


            The dispersing agent is a surface active agent added when grinding colorant aggregated by grinding the colorant is no longer guarantee the fineness and the dispersibility, the amount is less than 2%


            Diffusing agent is generally the metal salts of stearic acid, from the internal lubricating effect can be reduced, when the heated and plasticized melt a degrees, so that the rapid diffusion of the colorant, generally the amount is less than 2%.


            Above components under test resulting ideal mixing, first mix kneader or other mixing equipment into a massive plate-shaped object, then roller mixing machine processing of sheet metal cut into fragments, debris using a twin-screw extruder extruder, pull partners to cut material about the diameter of 5mm, length 4mm cylindrical masterbatch particles.

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