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            Stronger fluorine chemical required to consolidate the fluorite base

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            June 27, the first batch of "China Chemical Industry News" version 1 "meet the the fluorite industry access standard production line publicity," a paper reported: According to the the fluorspar industry access standards "and the refractory clay fluorite industry access announcement Interim Measures for the Administration of" provincial industrial and information technology departments, upon application, checking of references, expert review, the Ministry of Industry, has publicized the first batch of matching the list of fluorite industry access conditions of the production line. Featured Mining Co., Ltd. Jinhua production line of 10 production lines, including the first meet the entry conditions.

             Fluorite great integration prelude finally opened. It is reported that the fluorite industry large integration proposed the establishment of a large group of mainly state-owned enterprises and large private enterprises, to achieve regional integration. The ultimate goal is to make the more than 2,000 existing mining businesses into about 20.
             "Big action" meaningless ". Fluorite is one of the world twenty several important non-metallic mineral raw materials, currently used for making more than half of the world fluorspar production of hydrofluoric acid. Hydrofluoric acid is the key to one of the basic raw material of fluorine chemical fluorine chemical industry is the basic industry of the pilot and the strategic position. It can be said, fluorite supply can be durable enough related to the sustainable development of China's fluorine chemical.

             The one hand, has been protective mining of fluorite resources have not attracted the attention it deserves. Information of fluorite basic reserves and proven recoverable amount, respectively, 23.6% and 9.3% of the world's total production reached 60% of the global output, very serious overexploitation. Especially in recent years, in many places, to the immediate local interests, competing export, Luancai abuse pin, seriously undermining the rational and effective exploitation of fluorite resources. If this continues, 10 years after China's fluorite resources are likely depleted, fluorite need to be imported. States currently the fluorite take protective development, can be seen as prevent the domestic fluorite mining process is messy and unfocused situation deteriorate again.

             On the other hand, a standardized pattern of fluorite supply will lead to our slightly vulnerable fluorine chemical industry and stronger.
             Terms of the characteristics of fluorine chemical industrial chain, fluorite, with the increase in the depth of product processing, the value of the products into geometrically growth. A long time ago, the fluorine chemical industry, there is a jargon: industrial chain upstream of fluorite, HF R22, PTFE prices were only per ton a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, million and million; while industry chain downstream fluorine rubber, fluorinated fine chemical products prices were up to more than ten million per ton, hundreds of million.

             The upstream product of China's fluorine chemical production capacity and production accounted for about half of the world, but this is a messy, disorderly and homogenization of the competitive landscape. In the high value-added downstream fluorine chemical products in the field, almost all control in the hands of the international chemical giant. They have downstream fluorine chemical products, the vast majority of patents, and the fluorine chemical enterprises, most of the time only to provide raw materials for foreign chemical giants. Part of the high-profit foreign control, China has just picked watermelon, to take back the melons. Of fluorite mining restrictions, is regarded as the first step to fight for the right to speak of fluorine chemical industrial chain.

             I worry about it: We also use bad fluorite resources, but if unscientific planning, do not wait they will use the fluorite resources have been mined over. So, China should be how to adjust the the fluorite development use and consumption structure it? I have three suggestions:

             First, the provinces should be effective implementation of the January 2, 2010 by the General Office of the State Council issued a "notice" to take comprehensive measures to control the exploration and production of refractory clay and fluorite, fluorite resource exploitation and production truly total control. Basis for the fluorite mineral resource characteristics, the quality of the ore, and uses the flow of implementing zoning classification mining, the establishment of a dedicated fluorite fluorine chemical production base, to safeguard its been reasonable, orderly and effective development and utilization.

             Second, to strengthen scientific research and technical input, determine a reasonable scale of development in accordance with the deposit scale, ore characteristics, mining conditions, the use of scientific methods and advanced technology to improve the level of mining lower grade tailings. Efficient establishment and implementation of a fluorite mineral resources, comprehensive utilization of encouraging policies and constraints measures to encourage the use of low-grade refractory ores.

             Third, do not fit or cheap resources of this petty fluorspar consumption structure must be determined to adjust. Enterprises to actively extend the industrial chain, and vigorously development fluorine chemical products. Fluorite deep processing into hydrofluoric acid, the further development of the fluorine atoms in the high-tech, fluoropolymer, fine organic fluorine chemicals, to form fluorine chemical products to improve the level of deep processing of fluorite resources, improve product effectiveness.

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