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            Fluorine chemical set off the new growth of the chemical industry

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            The development of a fluorine chemical industry

            Fluorine chemical industry since the 1930s, industrialization, the products have been widely used in construction, automotive, electronics, aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and expand the scope of its application with the Forward broader and deeper areas of scientific and technological progress .


            The fluoride chemical products include inorganic fluoride and organic fluoride. Inorganic fluoride is the fluorine chemical industry. Organic fluoride is mainly divided into three categories: ozone depleting substances (ODS) and its alternatives, fluorine-containing compounds, containing Fine Chemicals. Wherein the fluorine-containing fine chemicals mainly containing fluorine electronic chemicals, the fluorine-containing treatment agent, fluorine-containing additive, a fluorine-containing pharmaceutical, fluorine-containing pesticides, and fluorine-containing fuels, etc..


            After 80 years of development, the fluorine chemical industry has become one of the more mature industry in the chemical industry. At present, the global fluoride has more than 21 billion U.S. dollars in sales. International multinational companies engaged in fluorine chemical industry based on DuPont, led by Europe and the United States on 8 fluorine chemical multinationals Group: the DuPont (American DuPont), Solvay (the Su Weisu to Alex companies), of Daikin (Japan the Daikin company), the U.S. company 3M AsahiGlass (Asahi Glass Company of Japan), Arkema (E Kema company), IneosFluor (easy Northrop) and Honeywell (Honeywell Inc.). 8 fluorine chemical companies occupy 80% of the world fluorine materials production, 70% of the gas fluorine chemicals. Asia, especially fluorine chemical products in the Chinese market demand is becoming a new impetus to global fluorine chemical fluorine chemical industry by the developed countries in Europe and America gradually transferred to the developing countries, mainly in China.


            China's fluorine chemical industry manufacturers are mainly concentrated in four provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and Shanghai, the region accounted for about 80% of the fluorine chemical products.


            Extends downstream value-added products with the fluorine chemical industry and growth

            More fluorine chemical industrial chain extends downstream products to create higher value-added, higher threshold. Fluorine fine chemicals and electronics industry is located in the top of the fluorine chemical industry is the biggest industry of the highest value-added product sales throughout the fluorine chemical industry.


            Of fluorine chemical in the development of the field of electronics and pharmaceutical sectors

            1.TFT LCD chemical industry development

            The liquid crystal material is a core member of a liquid crystal display, the high-performance liquid crystal display must be realized by the liquid crystal material with excellent performance. Current production of liquid crystal material, the main fluorinated liquid crystal chemicals and hydrocarbon liquid crystal chemicals. Fluorinated liquid crystals chemicals because of their stable characteristics become key liquid crystal chemicals, occupies an irreplaceable position in the TFT liquid crystal material. Over the past decade, almost all of the nematic liquid crystal material development are the fluorine-containing liquid crystal chemicals, the development of mixing a liquid crystal material are fluorine-containing liquid crystal chemical composition.


            The growth of the liquid crystal material is generally grows with the growth of the liquid crystal panel, increasing the size of the liquid crystal display panel, so the growth rate of the liquid crystal material is generally higher than the growth rate of the liquid crystal display panel. Is expected that the global TFT LCD materials market demand in 2010 will be more than 560 tons, the overall compound annual growth rate of 23% in the past three years, the market prospect is very broad.


            Currently, TFT-LCD LCD panel industry is mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan and mainland China. A total of more than 110 around the world completed and under construction TFT-LCD production lines, the annual production capacity of about 130 million square meters, covering large LCD TV screen to the multi-class products from small electronic products.


            2. Fluorinated pharmaceutical chemicals industry

            Efficient, broad-spectrum, low toxicity, low-residue characteristics of fluorinated medicine, at home and abroad has reached hundreds of fluorine-containing drugs, many drugs have become the main varieties of the treatment of certain diseases, such as the quinolone antibiotic ofloxacin , antidepressant drug fluoxetine, diabetes drugs West column Ting. The medicine is the most common of fluorinated quinolone antibiotics, new anti-infective drugs developed in 1970s, is also very rapid development in recent years, antibiotic drugs. Which norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin production, accounting for about 98% of the total production of the domestic quinolone antibiotics, and a considerable number every year for export.


            Further, in the pharmaceutical field, a variety of pharmaceutical compounds in the synthesis process generally required use of fluorine-containing chemicals as raw materials or intermediates. The industry generally believe that the next few years, one-third of the new raw material medicine will be established on the basis of fluorine chemical products. At present, China has become one of the largest countries of fluorine-containing drugs and fluorine-containing pharmaceutical chemicals production, more than 80% of the fluorine-containing pharmaceutical chemicals for export.



            Pilot enterprises: Yongtai Technology

            Yongtai Technology company formerly Linhai Yongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on October 11, 1999. March 14, 2006, the company changed its name called Zhejiang Yongtai Chemical Co., Ltd.. July 15, 2007, the company form of organization from a limited overall change for the Limited. December 22, 2009, the company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


            Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd. is the most perfect chain of domestic products, one of the largest production capacity of fluorine fine chemicals manufacturer, the company engaged in fluorine fine chemicals industry is located in the top of the fluorine chemical industrial chain, high value-added products, a wide range of applications involving liquid crystal materials, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other key state support and the development of the industry.


            Yongtai Technology attaches great importance to product research, has been the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhejiang Science and Technology Agency named the "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise" and "high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and assume multiple National Torch Plan Project and torch plans to focus research and development projects, and has won the Science and Technology Progress Award issued by Zhejiang Taizhou, five products have been identified as high-tech products in Zhejiang Province, trifluoromethyl products China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association issued a scientific and technological progress prize.


            In recent years, the Yongtai Technology companies gradually increase R & D investment, direct investment in R & D expenses in 2009 amounted to 12.952 million yuan, an increase of 55.5% over 2008. At present, the company has initially established a separate liquid crystal chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, pesticides, chemicals and other chemicals R & D system. In 2009, the company completed a small trial of 55 new products, 14 pilot, 15 process routes transformation of old products, five new patent applications open the two patents, two patents granted.


            With other enterprises in the industry other than the purchase of intermediate chemicals as raw materials to produce different products chain integration of production, the production of basic raw materials from the source, you can effectively reduce production costs to avoid the middle of the purchased products market supply shortages or price fluctuations, to ensure the stability of the product quality. Meanwhile, the integration of production makes more complementary products can be based on the market demand, flexible adjustment of product structure, risk-averse, and maximize the interests of the company.


            With rich product mix as well as proprietary co-generation technology and equipment, the company achieved a mode of "the same starting production of the raw materials to produce a variety of products, and comprehensive utilization of by-product generated in the production chain to produce a higher economic value other products, reducing overall production costs.


            The company's main products the 2,3,4 - trifluoronitrobenzene production, for example: the original process route to 2,3 - dichloro-nitrobenzene starting material cogeneration technology to low market prices, supply large amount of the basic raw material o-dichlorobenzene as a new starting material, to give 2,3 - dichloro-nitrobenzene and 3,4 - dichloro-nitrobenzene, to meet 2,3,4 - trifluoro-nitro The benzene production needs, but also the production of 2,4 - dichloro-5 - fluorophenyl ethanone demand quinolones intermediates, both to broaden the company's product chain, but also ensure the production and supply of raw materials, while reducing production costs, and enhance the company's competitive advantage.


            Yongtai Technology as a of fluorine fine chemical industry leader, has a complete industrial chain the leading scale production capacity and mature technology, the steady growth in recent years. TFT LCD high margin materials business will become an important engine of growth for the company. After the company raised investment projects TFT LCD raw materials and sitagliptin side chain product capacity release, the performance of the company is expected to appear leaps and bounds.

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