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            The fluorine chemical development need to break the three major problems

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            "At present, China's fluorine chemical industry continued rapid expansion of development mode, even if there is no financial crisis difficulties of the European debt crisis, global economic downturn, China's fluorine chemical industry is an excellent adjustment opportunities. Fluorine chemical integration of resources, technology research and development, structural adjustment, the three major problems, in order to change the fluorine chemical products industry only to solve long-term fluctuating situation. "August 10, is the fifth fluorine chemical held in Zhangjiajie Industry Development Summit Forum on the fluorine chemical experts, the original Jinan Aifu fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Chen Hongchang view, causing the resonance of the participants.


            Integration of resources required to heavy blows

            For a long time, the over-exploitation of resources is the most important issue affecting the healthy development of fluorine chemical. To this end, in 2010 the Ministry of Industry has introduced two industry access standards designed to promote the integration of resources. 2012 is also considered to be the fluorite resource integration substantive advance, six months later, have not gone smoothly the fluorite resource integration progress.


            Access standards provisions, fluorite mining enterprises a single production line daily ore processing capacity should not be less than 100 tons. Previously obtained mining rights in parts of the small and medium-sized mining enterprises and did not stop production on the grounds that they had obtained the license validity period yet to come. It even got the support of some local governments.


            Jiang Fulin, Secretary-General of the Chinese fluorite special committee believes that the chaos of the the firefly mine development order in the first half of this year on the rise, to undocumented illegal exploitation flooded, disrupted the market order, mainly due to accelerated downward price the fluorite. Domestic fluorite price in early August this year from last year, the same period of 3000 yuan / ton dropped to 1750 yuan / ton.


            The Jinshi Resources Group Limited Zhao vice president, the fluorine chemical industry boom of the recovery last year, making the fluorine chemical industry base construction everywhere, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Hunan, Henan, Shaanxi, Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other places have been proposed to build the fluorine chemical base, gives a very attractive investment conditions and tax resources. Combined with last year's booming market scene has attracted capital from various quarters, the formation of a new round of investment boom of the fluorine chemical. The many lay large enterprises or investment companies are involved in this field, but most of the newly launched project excess capacity or is about to face a surplus of primary generic product. Only further increase the integration of resources, in order to promote the healthy development of the fluorine chemical industry.


            Research have long-term thinking

            Long term inadequate investment of the the fluorine chemical research and development work, driven by short-term interests, scientific research and the lack of continuity and depth. Chen Hongchang believes that in addition to the human and financial resources need to be invested, there must be mentally prepared to fight a protracted war. Dongyue perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane, for example, one of the important factors for success is experienced both before and after the "the eight research", the drop would not have today's achievements.


            The fluorine chemical experts, the Shandong Aluminum Company Design Institute director Jiaozhan Zhong of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride production capacity of approximately 1.5 million tons, about 100 million tons of production, are ranked first in the world. But a single line production, the maximum capacity of just over 20,000 t, while the the foreign single line production capacity has reached 80,000 to 100,000 tons. Currently from two aspects of the the fluorite law fluosilicate method to speed up the development, construction of the production line of 40,000 tons and 20,000 tons of fluosilicic law fluorite law.


            Chenhong Chang said, some scientific research units, the promotion of technology transfer is more than scientific research, an outcome around flowering, causing many identical production technology, product grades similar. Fluorine chemical industry, in addition to a small number of considerable research and development capabilities, many companies just factory production and the subsequent development of the enterprise is extremely unfavorable. Fluoropolymer material, fluorine resins and fluorine rubber and many other products we own the technology, but most of them only in a small test or pilot stage, only a few products for the military to provide not industrialized.


            At the same time, some high-end products, such as organic fluorine efficient pesticides, new drugs and organic fluorine fine products, are still dependent on imports. The introduction of these high-end products, because it involves the problem of intellectual property protection, blockade or high prices, not likely to be successful, to a greater extent needed to accomplish through independent innovation. Fluorine chemical industry as soon as possible the formation of the with fluorine chemical companies as the main research technological innovation system, a systematic study on the basis of fluorine products and abroad, gap, while cultivating the the fluorine product development professionals to form their own characteristics of fluoride products.


            Product development focuses on high-end

            Around launched a new project focused on the front-end of the industry chain, the implementation is also similar to the anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, fluorine, salt alternatives production line. Fluorine chemical technology development of fine chemicals is still not a substantive breakthrough, production capacity, production basically maintained at the level of the pilot; varieties of high value-added, high-end areas of the domestic market is still dominated by foreign products.


            The Huangfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Huangfu root Lee fluorine chemical companies in China to develop, must enhance their competitiveness through the integration, extend the industrial chain, enterprise products to avoid products of the same species, homogeneity, and you want to work hard on the high-end products to to fine composite lightweight direction, such as the development of high-performance electronic chemicals, surface active agents, film and other fluorine polymer, etc..


            Due on the market, increasing demand for air conditioners, refrigerators, cars and other fluorinated alternatives rapid growth in the market space. Field in the fluoropolymer PTFE competition intensifies, fluorine rubber demand and significant growth with the development of China's auto industry, fluorine coating with the construction, chemical industry development and growth, containing Fine Chemicals a huge market space successor as technology advances and sustainable development; the fluorine chemical downstream industries such as fluorinated electronic chemicals (liquid crystal material), lithium batteries and other new energy materials, fluorinated pharmaceuticals, fluorine-containing pesticides and other products demand very strong. The development of downstream industries for the fine development of China's fluorine chemical industry to provide a broader market space.


            Expected over the next three years, China's fluorine chemical industry average growth rate of 5% to 8%, a variety of products vary. Hydrogen fluoride growth will be slightly higher due to the industrial production of fluorocarbon refrigerant gradually shift, aluminum fluoride, inorganic fluoride salt needs to maintain the appropriate amount of growth, cryolite and a few other products will be negative growth.

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