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            AlphaPTFE rebound cause of refrigerant prices fall again

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            This week refrigerant R22 steady slight retracement, the price of low-end goods to go last week decline of up to 500 yuan / ton, prices continued to retreat on the one hand the environment at home and abroad downturn die hard, and the general performance of the export market, the intervention prudent hedge cut, on the other hand, for the air-conditioning market demand shrinkage caused by the downsizing. Moreover, the byproduct acid to unsalable serious, the main pressure on the stock, only take the amount of price cuts to stimulate the elimination library. Weeks raw chloroform stalemate consolidation, price up and down dilemma, a raw anhydrous hydrofluoric acid stable and fragmented Budie cost surface large stable small inhibitory play a quick retracement on the spot price. Weeks downstream PTFE With low market started bottoming out, then the market operating rate has not improved significantly, R22 support is stuck at the spiritual level, should follow-up to a good market continuity operating rate to enhance R22 is bound to increase purchases. The end of the weekend, the market mainstream newspaper disc tends to 9,500 yuan / ton consistent individual high-end offer in 10200-10800 yuan / ton, the mainstream of the spot market turnover tends to be low-end level, overall concentrated in the 8500-9500 yuan / ton, weeks within 8300 yuan / ton of low-end goods to go outflow. The market mentality tangled on whether the bargain to cover their short positions and the market outlook, market continuation devastated.



            This week the refrigerant R134a offer steady fall, the overall broad in 24000-27000 yuan / ton, market hanging Dizou the phenomenon obviously, according to Zhuo record information to understand, the current low-end quick retracement to take the goods price of 22,000 yuan / ton mainstream transaction prices hovering at 22000-24000 yuan / ton. Continued to April more than a series of drop combined with the continued slump in auto production and sales that industry inertia bearish mentality hard to leave, another few export orders under the impact of the European debt crisis, market overcapacity in the internal and external resonance phenomenon is difficult to circumvent. Take the goods prices continued to touch the psychological bottom line of the industry, the contingent is still a small number of entrants. The The domestic main starts enthusiasm still high, Jiangsu, 18,000 t gold snow device parking the past two months, the resumption of production is not yet determined, Jiangsu the Kangtai plan the end of the month car market, when the ability to do so to start market validation pending. Weeks raw trichlorethylene in the market three or four into the support of the operating rate, some of the main supply tight, prices showed a slight rebound of 200 yuan / ton, the cost surface to enhance the one hand to another aspect of the extrusion industry profit margins inhibit the market to continue down risk.



            The refrigerant R410a steady this week individual retracement with the city, the mainstream offer centralized 22000-23000 yuan / ton, the market focus on the amount of walking, the bargaining loose, low-end transaction price walk in the 20,000 yuan / ton in the vicinity. Weather cool so the white market into sales season, air conditioning manufacturers of thin shrinkage phenomenon gradually prevailed, energy subsidies cheat up doors to denounce the industry gradually since the second half of the year will be the introduction of a higher threshold of energy efficiency subsidy standards, many manufacturers in the stored in the list of subsidies for the future possibility of "get the job, this news of bad R410a market in the long run. Weeks of dual feedstock underperforming R32 the mainstream quotation concentrated in 15000-16500 yuan / ton, the turnover of the center of gravity tend to 14500-15000 yuan / ton low-priced, large amount of preferential weeks raw dichloromethane return to the disadvantaged exacerbate the the market bearish sentiment domestic under construction and plans to build the capacity gradually expand in view of R32 to R410a production of raw materials and itself has alternative advantages. R125 steady this week refrigerant individual narrow range retracement of the the domestic main concentration of offer in 24000-26000 yuan / ton, the domestic main starts enthusiasm is still not high, most manufacturers are occupied mainly poor, the amount of export orders.


            Market trend analysis and forecasting



            Season continue to cooler, the electricity supplier war it is difficult to promote sales, air conditioning inventory is still high, companies began to shut down. PTFE industry is warming, but it is difficult to support R22 of the fundamentals of demand, the market continues to be bleak, run down the price stable.



            Car sales in the first half despite achieving positive growth of around 4%, but the short-term is still unable to return in 2009 and 2010 the average annual industry growth rate of more than 30%, affected by the drag on the needs of R134a also plummeted. The market hopes "golden nine silver ten" traditional peak season for the automobile market has improved, but the material is difficult to achieve the desired.

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