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            Research progress and application of the fluorocarbon coating

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            Fluorine resin is the main film coating material collectively referred to as a fluorocarbon coating, in the fluororesin macromolecular chains F - C bond exists, so that with a fluorine resin Binders dubbed the fluorine resin coating has many unique nature, such as super weather resistance, super-resistant to chemical corrosion. Fluorocarbon coating has been successfully applied in many other areas of construction, petrochemicals, railways, roads and military. Fluorocarbon coating as a full-featured, ultra-durable decorative and protective coating, enough to resist fading, cracking, chalking, corrosion and atmospheric pollution, environmental damage, chemical erosion.


            Since synthetic PTFE resin from the Dow Chemical Company, USA in 1938, nearly 70a history, the resin varieties developed diverse. World have been formed of three kinds of different uses of a fluorine resin and a fluorine paint, a first Atto - phenanthrene Sodium production of PVDF resin as a main component exterior high weatherability fluorocarbon coating; second based DuPont behalf of Teflon non-stick coatings, mainly used in non-stick pan, non-stick utensils and non-stick mold; third in Asahi Glass, room temperature curing fluorocarbon coating is mainly used for bridges, TV towers and other fields. The fluorine resin hot melt to the solvent soluble and can be cross-linked three stages.


            1、The course of development of a fluorocarbon coating

            Early fluoropolymer based on a fluoroolefin monomer homopolymer as representative, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyvinylidene fluoride the vinyl (PVDF), polyvinyl fluoride (PVF), etc., i.e. the so-called first-generation fluoropolymer. Paint this as the basis of the main advantage of its non-stick, hot melt-type fluorocarbon coating, film formation required high temperature baking. Its application is limited due to the complex process of construction of such coatings. Generally only made of water-dispersed coating, powder coating or organosol.


            PVF and PVDF acrylate blend of ultra-weather architectural coatings is the second largest category of fluorocarbon coating.


            As the solvent was evaporated to form a uniform layer of polymeric coating film. With the direction of the progress of the study, the type of paint to the water-based development.


            Copolymer system with a fluorine-containing monomer and non-fluorinated monomer solvent-based or water-based paint is another species of fluorocarbon coating. Usually first fluorine-containing monomer with a (meth) acrylate monomer or alkyl vinyl ether monomers formed solution or emulsion of an organic fluoropolymer, then complex high performance coatings of crosslinked type . Currently used fluorine-containing monomer are tetrafluoroethylene (TFE), chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE), fluoro-ethylene (VF), and VDF. These fluorocarbon coating has excellent weather resistance, water resistance and oil resistance, has a wide range of applications in the field of nonmetallic building materials coating of metal boxes, textiles and leather finishing.


            The latest research progress and development trend of the fluorocarbon coating is mainly concentrated in the molecular design theory, melting into the many new technologies and methods to meet the development needs to meet the different characteristics of the actual application of the fluorocarbon resin. Such as nanotechnology, self-layering technology, self-assembly technology, supercritical fluid technology, the plasma chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition, sputtering, ablation techniques, spin coating, transfer coating, molding decorative, pre-processing coating layer. Surface modification technology has also made progress, such as the so-called "lotus decorative effect, modifying the state of the surface layer of the coating. The automotive industry is also showing a fluorocarbon coating great interest. The direction of the development of the fluorocarbon resin is a low-cost, low-melting, low fluorine content, high durability, water-based.


            2、 fluorocarbon coating application

            Fluorocarbon coating as a high-tech functional coatings and a brand-new surface protective material can be applied to all walks of life, its weather resistance, chemical resistance, and many properties are superior to the current market popular silicone, polyurethane, acrylic and other high-grade paint, outdoor life of up to 20a of the data.

            Fluorine resin coating cured at room temperature, high temperature baking series of varieties, but also has a certain patch recoatability basically the same construction methods with ordinary paint. Building fluorocarbon coating, industrial fluorocarbon coating, functional fluorocarbon coating, water-based fluorocarbon coating in construction, chemical, electrical, electronic, mechanical, aerospace, household supplies, roads and bridges in areas such as widely used, especially in heavily polluting highly corrosive environment, but also demonstrate its superior protective properties.

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